Wednesday, 30 December 2015

An oven for travel

I'm not sure if this was a Christmas present for me or for H. I've been wanting an oven in Blac, mostly to make cakes in, and H likes it when I bake cakes. Finally we have the solution.

We'd looked at plenty of other oven options but only recently did I discover the 'Omnia'. I saw it at Zampetas camper stop in Thessaloniki (Greece), and then I went and looked for some reviews online. The reviews were great, and so we went back in and bought one. 

This oven does cakes and breads wonderfully. I also roasted lamb and potatoes in it, and it did that really well too. I do want a couple of accessories that I can now see online, and then it'll be perfect. 

Today we have a visitor celebrating a birthday. So he got a special cake. 

It seems that the Omnia isn't yet sold in Australia, so when I take this one to Australia maybe it'll be the first Omnia there.


  1. We have just bought ourselves an Omnia oven for our campervan. I'm really impressed. I'm getting the baking rack to help when warming bread rolls. Excellent looking cake by the way. I shall look forward to your future creations.

  2. I hope to get the silicon mould and the rack, but haven't found anyone stocking them yet.

    1. I've just made an enquiry for some here in the UK, but waiting for a reply.

  3. I have received a reply from the distributor in the UK. They have racks in stock, but haven't received any silicon moulds as yet. I didn't realise the mould was a new accessory,