Sunday, 14 September 2014

Resourcefulness in travel

I've said before that 'Overlanding' means traveling in a self reliant manner by private vehicle. This means that we need to be quite resourceful. 

We haven't left our friends house yet. Since returning to Brazil Hendrik has been installing various vehicle and motorhome parts that we brought back with us. (It's not that you can't get these things here, sometimes you probably can't but mostly it's just that we don't know where to find them). We bought a new cassette for the toilet in Australia, and H's brother brought Mercedes parts from Belgium to us in Australia. 

H has kept busy installing all these parts, and I'm so pleased that he has this mechanical ability. It has also been wonderful to be staying with local hosts who can help us acquire any other strange thing we might need. 

I've been re packing the cupboards and trying to make all our stuff fit. I've been quite resourceful too: I've cut a zip from a jacket we were discarding and hand sewed it into a bag to hold items securely in the cupboard, and I took buttons from a worn out shirt and made it so that the cushion covers H had paid someone to make in Bolivia could finally be closed. 

Bit by bit we are getting lots done whilst getting over the enormous travel time and time difference from Australia to Brazil. 

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