Thursday, 7 August 2014

A little terminology

Before I begin blogging about this fantastic life that Hendrik and I live, I better explain a few words that I commonly use, and that people often question me about. 

According to Wikipedia, overlanding is an Australian term, but, honestly I've heard the term used internationally more than in Australia. In Australia, I think it's fair to say, the terms 'Grey Nomad' and 'Doing the Wallaby' are more popular, but they don't apply internationally or to this blonde. 

Overlanding is, basically, travelling large distances over land in a self reliant way. It may be by recreational vehicle that you sleep in, or a motorbike (with tent), or even, by bicycle (again, with tent). 

This brings me to the terms for the
recreational vehicles:

H (that's my abbreviation for Hendrik) and I (Ali) travel in a small Mercedes G wagon with a 'house' built onto the back of it. The word for this type of vehicle varies a lot. We hear: Mobile-Home; motorhome; camper; campervan; or Recreational Vehicle (which gets abbreviated to RV). 
I tend to say camper, just because it's shorter than most other options (to me RV sounds like a bigger vehicle and American). 

Finally, Perpetual Traveller
There are at least 2 things that Hendrik and I are: Overlanders, and Perpetual Travellers. Some overlanders are doing it for a limited period of time, whereas Hendrik and I are doing this indefinitely, or perpetually. We have no intention of doing anything else in the foreseeable future, so this makes us perpetual travellers. 
Perpetual Travellers don't have to be overlanders. They could be backpackers or yachties or travelling by any other means available. Perpetual Travellers travel indefinitely for travels sake, visiting new places and seeing new things. 

I think that sums up the confusing words I use, but please let me know if something else pops up in my blogs that needs explaining. 

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