Friday, 31 October 2014

Inside of Blac, part 1 (as much requested!)

Here are some much requested photos showing what the inside of Blac is like.  I'm doing this as 2 blog posts simply as it's easier for me to upload.

It's a tight space,  but enough,  but being tight is difficult to get good pictures.

1. Looking to the front,  that's the bed above the cab. Being able to enter the cab from the camper is a safety feature... if we need to move at night we can without even leaving the vehicle. 
On the right behind the passenger seat are the 2 folding chairs we take outside to sit in. 

2. Taken from the bed,  that's me sitting at the dining table.  We prefer to eat outside though. There is a bench seat on both sides. It's a squeeze,  but you can fit 2 bums on each bench.  But, as it's so tight, we never invite people inside for a cup of tea. 

3. Hendrik filling up a water bottle (from our tap that has the water filter installed) at the kitchen sink. 
There are cupboards above and below the Kitchen work bench. 

4. The kitchen from the back. H is a coffee addict, so there is an expresso machine. And the Black Box is the old Coleman 2 burner stove. We mostly take it outside to use. And, for fun, we have a wooden Toucan. 

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