Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sleepless nights in Brasilia

If it wasn't on our route we wouldn't have bothered to go to Brasilia, and I'd say that's about the status it deserves.... stop if you're in the area, otherwise don't bother. 

Fortunately, camping is possible at the Hostelling International hostel, and you can leave a motorhome there and easily and inexpensively catch a bus into the city centre for sightseeing. 

Brasilia is the capital of Brazil. It's famous for architecture. Unfortunately we didn't find it to be a very welcoming city and that spoiled it a bit. The guy at the hostel reception was very disinterested, and in the city centre it was difficult to get tourist information, and generally we didn't feel that like tourism was of any interest to the city. (Maybe it's not, I don't suppose it has to be). 

At the same time the hostel was hosting some kind of youth political event. There were well over 100 tents and the hostel was full. The youth didn't sleep and consequently, neither did we. On the second day the ladies showers smelled like a urinal, the toilets were at the other end of the building so we can guess what was going on there. They were a nice group of youth, but I wished the hostel had a noise curfew. 

We weren't the only overlanders in Brasilia. On the second day an old retired French couple arrived and on the third a French family (parents and daughter) from Martinique (Caribbean island, part of France) arrived. We enjoyed meeting the family as they had come south from the Guyanas, and that's where we are heading. 

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