Friday, 31 October 2014

Inside of Blac, part 2

The remainder of the photos of the inside of our motorhome, Blac.

5. Looking towards the front of the vehicle.  The fridge is on the left,  we covered it with a poster print collage of our wedding day and a drawing from my niece at the bottom. Clothes cupboard is beyond the fridge.

6. The toilet (I won't use American terminology as you clearly can't take a bath in there). It's a flushing Thetford toilet.  Waste goes into a sealed cassette,  it can be pulled out from a little door on the outside wall, and Hendrik empties it daily. On the right is our folding outdoor table.

7. The shower.  The toilet and shower are on opposite sides of the back door.
Blac can carry 150 litres of water.  We usually fill up the water at gas stations, but we can fill from rivers or lakes if need be.  The water is for everything: kitchen, drinking (run through the filter), toilet flush, and shower. 150 litres typically lasts us (2people) 3 days.  We rarely use public toilets.

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