Saturday, 15 July 2017

The 2017 Laura Festival (of aboriginal dance)

It felt like a tremendous privelege to be able to attend the Laura Dance festival. The event isn't well publicised and I think that's because it is really an event for the indigenous communities of Cape York (and some others) and anybody else who wants to make the effort to come to Laura, well, they're welcome too. 

The event is really a dance competition. There's a competition for juniors and another for seniors. One central performing area, market and food stalls around, and a second stage for a concert on the Saturday night. 

The dances are cultural, and the judges pointed out they weren't judging culture but other elements of the performances. Performances varied: Groups from the north had fantastic headdresses and drums, as you came a little south the dress was more grass skirts and body pants. The southern most groups wore body paint and loincloths, and were accompanied by didgeridoo (musical instrument of Aboriginal Australia). 

We really enjoyed the Laura Dance Festival of 2017, it really was a privilege to be there. 
At $150 for 3 days, with camping at the festival site included, it didn't even break the bank. 

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