Thursday, 1 December 2016

DIY motorhome: interior space

Throughout most of the motorhome build, so far, it was H doing a lot of it while I sourced supplies or held or helped lift things. But when it came to the interior design of the cupboards I finally got to 'have a go'. 

First I drew up my ideas and then once we'd agreed on them we taped out the design on the floor to see how it felt for space, and tweaked the design a bit more. Then we had my brother draw up the passenger (left)  side design on a CAD programme and sent them and some more PVC foam panels to a joining firm to cut them. 

my motorhome layout, we ended up not doing the top cupboards 

The plans taped out on the RV to get a feel 

While they were being drawn and cut we were able to work on a few other jobs: H built the shower and we managed a trip to Melbourne. 

The shower build. The PVC can be bent with the application of heat.  

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