Wednesday, 25 February 2015

How long will you keep travelling for?

As perpetual travellers Hendrik and I have often been asked "How long will you keep travelling for?".

I had developed a standard answer: "oh, until we get bored, run out of money, or some illness or injury happens that stops us travelling."

So many people people responded to this with: "RUN OUT OF MONEY!, that'd be terrible, what will you do then?"

I'd be thinking 'that's the terrible option of the three?, I don't think so....', but I once curtly responded: "I'll come and sleep on your couch". My friend kindly said that that would be okay (note, dear friend, if you are reading this, I haven't forgotten).

But, really, running out of money doesn't seem the worst of the three options. The illness or injury, that could happen to either of us or a loved one at home, is the worst option. And ironically, that is precisely what has made us take a (temporary) exit from the overland travel scene. At this stage we still haven't been given any forecast on how long I'll (and consequently we'll) be out for.

People might wonder how the 'getting bored' option might eventuate too. But, I have met travellers who seemed so bored with everything that they were seeing that I wished they'd realise it and go home. These are the travellers who, no matter what they're looking at, have seen a better lake/mountain view/church/beach/desertscape/big tree/wildlife/etc.

Luckily we aren't bored with travelling yet, we are still fascinated and in awe of many of the things we see and the people we meet. We plan to keep overlanding when we can.

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