Tuesday, 13 January 2015

In Venezuela!

We crossed into Venezuela 2 days ago. The border immigration process for us (Brazil, Santa Elena) was very straightforward and our timing was good (we didn´t need to wait), but customs (to do the car paperwork) closed at midday on Sunday and we were told to return to the border the following day. H had to stand in a queue for 6 hours to get Blac processed. He said that aside from the queuing it wasn´t difficult.

Now we are stocking up on some groceries, things are cheap but what is available is a bit random. You can´t exactly go with a list. I´ll write more later.

Aside from that I might not be able to write very regularly in Venezuela... we´ll just have to see if the internet is as sporaticly available as other things. 


  1. Hi Ali
    Just discovered your blog and enjoy it a lot! We are behind you (Pipa, Brazil) and heading to Venezuela too. We will be waiting for your tips for this country!
    Don't go too fast if you want a place to stay in Qu├ębec.
    Mathieu,Pascale, Chris and Phil (last met in Ushuaia)

  2. Hello Riches...

    We might meet up in Venezuela then!

    Adventurous greetings,