Friday, 6 November 2015

Overlanding Montenegro

When I planned our visit to Montenegro I really thought it would take almost a week to visit. So, how was it that after just 3 days we'd already 'done' our 2015* trip to Montenegro? 

Well, when we drove in from the Dubronik end of Croatia, we expected to find some nice places, but we found that part to be overdeveloped and we just couldn't find anywhere to stop. Not even a lookout stop. So we kept driving. 

Things improved after Bijela. Then there seemed to be less development, more open spaces, and lookout points. But still we didn't make our overnight stop until we reached Kotor. Although the 'camper place' in Kotor is just a rough parking lot with a guard (until 10pm), we found it to be a good place to stop for the night. Kotor is a spectacular town and if you stay overnight you can explore it in the evening and early morning, and thus avoid the cruise ships (2 arrived on the October morning we were there). 

The next day we travelled up the mountain behind Kotor: the black mountain, 'Montenegro' (it's a translation). It was a spectacular drive with stunning views of the bay of Kotor, and then the mountains themselves in splendid Autumn colour. 

Although the friendly National Park guy told us we could stay overnight in the park, H wanted to go back to the warmth of sea level. So, we went back to the coast. This part of the Adriatic coast is lovely, but we still didn't find a place to stop overnight, so we continued. 

We were headed to Lake Skadar, and we pamped roadside at a lookout point high above the lake. 

The next morning we headed to Virpazar as I'd read that the drive on the southern side of the lake is quite stunning. But, on arrival in Virpazar we discovered that they were rebuilding the bridge and the temporary bridge had a height restriction of 2.1 metres. So, we couldn't do it! (Later we met other travellers in a VW Combi, they said it was spectacular, oh well). 
So, not being able to cross the bridge I decided we should do a boat trip. That was disappointing... Maybe it's better at other times of the year. 

Then we passed Podgorica (Montenegro's capital) and left Montenegro for Albania. 

2 nights, 3 days in Montenegro. It should have been more, oh well. 

*obviously there's more that can be visited. 
Tight alleys in Kotor. 

Up the to Lovćen National Park. 

Montenegro's Lovćen National Park. 

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