Sunday, 8 November 2015

Figs and Olives on the Adriatic coast.

All the Adriatic coastline has figs and olives, more figs in the north, more olives in the south. The fig trees are just coming up wild in most parts of Croatia. We missed fig season by a month but at one campsite in Croatia the people were making fig alcohol. They'd mixed the figs, water and sugar a month earlier and left it to ferment. And as we were leaving the camp they were about to distill it in the big copper thing shown here. 

They said Croatia is on path to join the EU, and they worried that with this they'd lose the liberty to make their own alcohol. 

Some touristy places did still have fresh figs for sale, but mostly we've enjoyed the dried figs.

Olives are being harvested now. In Croatia and Albania they were individually raking each tree to harvest the olives. But here in Greece (more precisely, the island of Corfu, where the trees are old and gnarly) the trees are much bigger and they are simply laying out gauze under the trees and letting the olives fall off onto the gauze for easy collection. 

I've read that they grow pistachios further south in Greece. We don't know anything about Pistachios, so we hope to learn and eat plenty!
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