Saturday, 10 March 2018

Ali’s brilliant method for getting a mouse out of the motorhome

It happens, we camp in various parts of world, we have food on board, and our land-yacht isn’t mouse proof. So eventually a mouse will get into almost an RV. 

Horror stories are around of mice or rats chewing wiring, especially in the motor compartment. It’s not so bad if they get into your food, it’s easier to replace, but it’s still horrid. 

So, one night while I (Ali, the Aussie) struggled with some insomnia I heard a mouse in a kitchen cupboard of Blu. ‘Bugger!’ I thought. ‘What will I do?’ I had no traps and no poison (not they I would have used poison... I’d rather not have a dead rodent stuck somewhere I couldn’t get to.). 

I got up. I rattled things in the cupboard. The little bugger was hiding, of course I wouldn’t see it. I went back to bed. I heard it again. I couldn’t sleep with this! (I already had insomnia!) I got up, I rattled things, I went back to bed, again. Again!

Then I thought of something. Amongst my amoury of tools against insomnia I had downloaded various podcasts. One of which was the sound of a cat purring. 

I grabbed my smart phone, hit play on the purring cat podcast and left it on the kitchen bench. 

In the morning I found the ‘calling card’ left by the mouse. ‘Calling card’ used in this way means mouse poo. I cleaned up. I never saw that mouse or heard it or saw another calling card again. I believe it left. 

So, I think it’s brilliant but maybe it’s not. But, I do recommend that if you’ve got any type of RV, caravan, motorhome, or land-yacht, then download a purring mouse podcast or sound recording. 

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