Thursday, 1 June 2017

Spotting Platypus

If you don't know what a Platypus is, I suggest you google it, because I was too busy looking and H was playing with someone else's camera, so we didn't get great photos. 

Platypus are astonishing Australian creatures, usually considered difficult to spot, but not difficult at all at Eungella National park (near Mackay, Queensland). We first visited Eungella in August 2014 and were so impressed by our platypus sightings that we had to come back. We also arranged to meet some friends there as they were also keen to see platypus. 

For our first night in this Platypus spotting part of the world we stayed at Platypus Bush Camp as it had accommodation for our friends and camping for us and reviews telling of many platypus sightings. I liked the place for its crystal creek creek and open air showers but unfortunately they haven't seen a platypus there since Cyclone Debbie passed through (April 2017). So, we had to go back up to Eungella to see them. 

the showers at Platypus Bush Camp
 The showers at Platypus Bush Camp

Eungella National Park has a new campsite that's perfect for motorhomes and there's a hotel over the road which could accommodate our friends. And, we could sit in front of Blu and watch the platypus in the creek!
Here's a platypus, but we did see more.
 Here's a platypus, but we did see more. 

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