Saturday, 22 October 2016

Our old Mercedes school bus is now converted to a motorhome!

I did say that we expected to be finished in July. But we weren't.

In early October we finished building the motorhome which we have decided to call 'Blu'. The name fits as the last RV (which travelled North and South America and quite a bit of Europe) I called 'Blac', and this one, as well as being half blue, is our Australian motorhome: Australian things are often described as 'true blue'.

The bus we chose for this conversion was previously a school bus. H very much chose the vehicle and to convert it (I've always said I'm happy if the wheels are going around, it doesn't much matter to me what wheels they are). The bus is a Mercedes Vario with the original bus build done by Denning in Brisbane. H chose it because the shell is fibreglass, it's Mercedes, it's older and diesel, and most of all, it has 2 metres of head height inside.

See my photo's for some before and after pictures. I know: I need to put up a photo of the finished interior, but it seems I don't yet have one. I'll put it up next post.
This is the Mercedes Vario Denning bus that we purchased to convert to a motorhome / RV.
Our home! It looks quite different to what we started with.
Here's the school bus interior before converting it to an RV

We are already on the road. First we didn't go far away, we invited some friends to a nearby camping spot so that they could see our new home and we could have a 'test run'. The test run produced our first problem and we had to replace a belt on the air-conditioner, but aside from that all was good, and so now we're travelling again (and the air-con is working).

I'll post again soon with some more pictures. Please post any questions you might have.


  1. Frankly, you should have left the bus in white colour. Looks so much nicer than the blue.

  2. Ha! Well that's a matter of opinion.