Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Overlanding Greece: Not Overlanding, Santorini

Originally we were going to take the ferry, Blac included, to the Greek Island of Crete. Then I checked the weather forecast for the intended December weeks, ooh cold! 

So I thought about what I wanted to 'get' from a Greek island (H leaves these things to me). I realised I wanted to see a Greek island vista like those on the fronts of Greek travel brochures. And where is that? apparently it's mostly Santorini, and Santorini had a weather forecast about 10 degrees Celsius warmer than Crete. 

Now, Santorini isn't so big as Crete (where we'd thought to spend 2 weeks), and maybe a flight made more sense. It did! December flights, when I checked, we're starting at just €10 per person each way. Accommodation was on sale too. 

So we parked Blac at Sky parking Athens and flew to Santorini. 

Santorini is brilliant. And this was like having a 'normal' holiday! We dined out, hired a quad bike, went hiking, and watched the sunset. 

The stunning postcard vista of Oia!

A joy of being on Santorini in low season is seeing all the work being done, some by mules!

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