Friday, 18 December 2015

Overlanding Greece: Mani Peninsula (Peloponnese)

Wow. The Mani Peninsula of Greeces Peloponnese is so spectacular that it makes one wish that lifestyle would never  NEVER end. And it impresses me that H and I can still be so gobsmacked by the beauty of a place after seeing so much of the world. Yes, the world is a truly marvelous place!

Here's photos. What more can I say?

The only thing detracting from this view of Limeni is that swimming pool.... the sea looks more inviting anyway!

A little church at Nomitsis, that's H at the door!

Inside the Nomitsis Church (Greek Orthodox) which is clearly used regularly. H didn't come in. 

Mani peninsula is known for its old towers, which were formally occupied by feuding clans. This is Vatheia. 

At the end of the peninsula there's a hike to a lighthouse and some say the end here is one of the entrances to Hades (the underworld of Greek mythology). 

And finally this little plant was frequent on the hike. I guess it's a pitcher plant of sorts, but I like the way it poses like a striking cobra. 

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