Monday, 26 October 2015

Motorhome renovation: Blac's new roof hatch

Before we left Belgium again on this latest trip H gave Blac a slight renovation in the form of a new roof hatch. 

Every time someone looked inside Blac they said how much they liked our twin perplex double pane windows above the bed. They opened up for air or to crawl onto the roof, but I didn't love them. 

Honestly, you could stargaze from bed, but you usually didn't. If the weather was good and you weren't tired, you'd usually stay outside to stargaze. 
Also, the framing from the windows protruded into the bed space. 
And then, they developed leaks. H fixed these leaks, which were always difficult to trace, so many times. And then the leak would be there again, or another would be. 

So, H decided to replace the windows with a singular roof hatch made of the same recycled highway sign material that the sides and roof of Blac are made of. It hinges on one big piano hinge, and has struts to help it lift up and come back down with ease. 

We like it much better. No more leaks with this design and more space. In time we'll make mosquitoes screens to fit, but we aren't expecting to need them this winter. 

This shows Blac's new roof hatch before H painted it.
From above you can see that the new roof hatch is now painted to match Blac. This picture is from Lovćen National Park, Montenegro. 

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