Monday, 19 October 2015

Camping, Parking, Pamping

Some time ago I created a word: pamping. It's because as Overlanders we usually don't camp places. Instead we park and stay inside the vehicle. I call it pamping. We pamp. 

But, really, what's the difference between camping and parking? Is there a difference officially? Yes there is. 

A car park sign in Italy explained the difference (you could park there overnight, but not camp). 

To be parking (versus camping):

Nothing must extend from your vehicle: (no awnings extended, no windows popped out.)

Nothing other than your vehicle wheels must touch the ground. (No stabiliser legs, no steps on the ground) 

You must not discard wastewater onto the parking area (standard rule at many camping areas too) 

So, we typically park. Unless there is a sign specifically saying 'no motorhomes' parking (or pamping) doesn't seem to be a problem. 
Just avoid places with lots of broken glass. 

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