Sunday, 11 October 2015

Blustery night on the Croation Coast

It's been a terrible night to be in a motorhome! All night long it's been blowing gusts of (I reckon they qualify) gale-forced winds. We had this weather for the last few hours of driving yesterday and it's was too much so, when we saw a supermarket we pulled into a street behind it.

As I write (Croatian coast, South off Rijeka) this it's still gusting, although I hope it's subsiding a bit. Neither of us have had much sleep, with the noise  and the vehicle rocking violently as if we got caught in a riot with trouble-making youths trying to overturn Blac. 

Although scary to be in it, it was exciting at one point yesterday: the wind was lifting great amounts of seawater like in those popular photos of lighthouses in stormy seas. At one point the sea water was even thrown on us as we drove along the road, like someone had taken a bucket of water and thrown it in Blac's face (with H and I in the drivers and passengers seats, saved by the windscreen!)

I'd love to know how long this will last, but without Internet (I'll upload this when I do) I guess time will tell. 

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