Sunday, 26 July 2015

Overlanding Austria

We passed through Austria on our way south (to Italy) and then again on our way back. The first time we travelled the Silvretta High Alpine road and the second time we travelled the Grossglockner High Alpine road. The Grossglockner is fabulously scenic and is probably Austria's most famous mountain pass.

On Silvretta we managed to wildcamp overnight. There is a free parking spot at the top, but we stayed beside a pond. In the morning someone came and told us we couldn't camp there, but we'd already pamped and were packing to go... so his timing to tell us that was nice for us.

On Grossglockner we only purchased a single day ticket to cross, so staying wasn't an option and we ended up pamping with truckers in another parking lot (but enjoyed chatting to the trucking couple who were transporting test cars for Audi (they were hidden inside the closed trailer)).

For me, the Grossglockner is the more scenic of the two passes.

Here's some pictures:

Here's a picture of the road going up Silvretta pass.

View from a scenic lookout on Grossglockner pass.

In July there's still snow at these heights, and check out Grossglockner road and views!

At the top there are plenty of cute Marmots to see.

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