Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The vast diversity of overlanding vehicles

Recently I posted that in European motorhomes we look like the black sheep of the family: most other motorhomes are white and quite standard in their design, whereas our Blac (built by H) is definately different.
A couple of weekends ago we went to an Overlanders reunion. It was for people who had 'overlanded' or had intention to. This was such a mix of vehicles,  that Blac didn't stand out anymore.
Here's some photos to show the diversity of overlanding, more pictures can be found on the event organisers website. (

This overlanding vehicle is still being built by the owner. He's incorporated some really great ideas. It's a nice small unit for travel, built onto a Toyota Landcruiser. Our next camper will also have an outdoor kitchen.

We've seen a few overlanding vehicles like this in South America.

Beautiful old one. H and I believe that old vehicles are better for overlanding because you can fix them,  but it doesn't need to be this old.

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