Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Overlanding in Europe

I think that most "overlanders" in Europe haven't heard of the term,  so I'll just have to keep using the words overlander and overlanding,  and defining them until people get used to it.  For those of you reading that are wondering about it,  you can look up the terminology on Wikipedia. It's there!

Since we have Blac back in Europe and my knee is well on the road to being 'good enough' (stairs are still troublesome, going up is hard work but good, down takes a lot of effort), we've been super keen to be on the road again. But,  at the moment we can't stray to far from the Belgium home base,  as appointments keep pulling us back.

I'm particularly hoping that we can get to Croatia in the second part of this year, but for now it's just short excursions. This part of the world is so compact that there is plenty to see in relatively short distances. In the last few days we've visited a cave,  been kayaking,  visited a castle,  toured the city of Luxembourg, and seen many jigsaw puzzle perfect views.

And overlanding here is inexpensive.  As always the cost of eating is the same as being at home (Belgium home, which I think is similar to Australia) because we cook for ourselves most the time. There are lots of free campsites, so we head to them if we can, otherwise €7.50 (total for the vehicle) for a sight with power and water is a good deal.  There's wifi at Tourist information centres.  And things are so close that we don't drive far in a day,  or we don't drive at all: I still need to be cycling for the repair of my knee,  so we often grab the Brompton folding bikes and go for a cycle tour, so the fuel bill is low.

All in all, it's lovely to be overlanding around this part of the world,  I just wish it were warmer!

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