Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Home is where the heart is

For a wedding present we were given an decorative item... a white painted heart to put on the wall, the words on it:
"Home is where the heart is."
When I opened the wrapping I thought "what will we do with that?". H insisted we'd find a spot in Blac, and we carried it to Blac (in Brazil at the time) and he glued it to the bathroom wall. 

Home certainly is where the heart is. Many people, when they've been travelling, long to get home. They get homesick, or just look forward to being home. But, for H and I, we've made our home on the road, in Blac. I don't feel a longing to return to Australia, and H doesn't feel a longing for Belgium. (Although, we both will eventually call Australia home.)

Last week Blac finally arrived in at the harbour in Zeebrugge (Belgium). We were excited, our home had arrived.

We'd shipped the motorhome from Cartagena (Colombia) to Zeebrugge, and it had been delayed with a change of ship and an x-ray examination in Panama. We shipped via RORO (roll-on, roll off shipping method), and aside from the slight delay we seem to have no other problems. People say that theft of 'liftable' items is common on Ro-Ro: we might have lost a hammock as we can't find it, or maybe we misplaced it. Aside from that, things look good.

We've already had our first trip away in the last week: 5 nights in the Netherlands. It was wonderful to be home!

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