Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The talent we discovered, an interesting scene, in French Guiana.

In French Guiana, at the top of South America, we stopped in small town called Roura and discovered this very interesting scene. Occasionally you hear the chirp of the monkey or a small child in the background, but the rest of the sounds are coming from that one guy ... whose name we think is Germain. There is no-one else doing the the beats sounds, just his voicebox!  We think think he's wonderfully talented... but that talent doesn't seem to be going anywhere at the moment, just fishing.

The scene itself is interesting. The music man. The sleeping guy. The pet monkey. 
This is my first ever blog video upload, and it wouldn't work first time, so now I've reduced the file size. But, all those elements are still there. Here's hoping it works!

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  1. How sad, it didn't work for me :-( I would have loved to see it.