Saturday, 24 January 2015

Resting a while in Venezuela

Since my last post, about overlanding in Venezuela's Gran Sabana, Hendrik and I haven't done much travelling. The reason is that I've got a bad knee and have hardly been able to walk. 

A couple of days before we left Guyana we were having a late afternoon stroll, on a flat dirt road, when my right knee just gave out on me. It hardly hurt then, but it progressively got worse. 

Luckily, in Venezuela's Ciudad Bolivar, there's a lovely guesthouse, great for overlanders, called 'Pousada la Casita'. It's a bit away from the city centre, but it's pretty much got everything we overlanders need: nice secure grounds for Blac, a mechanical pit for H to work on Blac, and lifts to the shops for whatever else we needed. There was also a swimming pool and restaurant. And, it was cheap enough that we took an air-conditioned room to stay in, which saved me climbing the ladder at the motorhome back door and into and out of the bed of Blac. 

So, that's what we spent a week doing... me sitting around reading and sorting photos, Hendrik working on Blac.

Overlanders Note:
To find Pousada La Casita: it's difficult to find, but if you phone them they will come to you and lead you to the pousada. Alternatively, they run Gekko Tours which have their office at the airport. So, you can go to the airport office and ask them to call the pousada which will then come and show you the way. Or, you pay a motor taxi to guide you. 

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