Monday, 5 January 2015

On my list: Giant River Otter and Anacondas

In Brazil, I said I wanted to see a Giant Anteater and a few hours later we saw one ambling along in a paddock. 

In Suriname we travelled up to Brownsberg reserve. I aimed to see monkeys and Toucans. We saw Red Howler monkeys and Toucanettes. 
So then I decided we should also try to see some sloths. They are difficult to see in the wild: plenty around, but they just aren't so visible. So, I googled Sloth Suriname. Two days later we were helping out an a place that's rescuing sloths as their forest is cleared for cattle grazing. This meant we also got to touch Sloths, while H constructed climbing things for the sloths.

Next, I decided that in Guyana I should aim to see a Giant River Otter. But, before we'd even left Suriname a Giant River Otter (and this one really was giant) crossed the road in front of us. We backed up and watched it checking us out from the safety of a small lagoon. 

Well! What next? 'Anaconda' I said to H. 'I want to see an anaconda'. So, on our first day in Guyana while H goes to an ATM and I'm waiting in the car a man walks up to the window with an Anaconda around his neck. It was big! A green Anaconda (there a different types), he said that it was probably about 8 years old, and could grow to a lot bigger. The man was selling photos of it (ie, you take a photo with your camera and pay him), in fact, you could hold it. We didn't hold it, the ATM didn't work and we were fresh in Guyana and without Guyanese money. But, the man did let us snap a picture and touch his snake. Nice!

I don't know what to aim for next. Tapir? The local Weasel? peccary? Another Jaguar?
Giant river otter

Green Anaconda on Norman the snake man's neck and head. 

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