Friday, 26 December 2014

Helping out some sloths in Suriname

The other day, when I was thinking about what else I might like to see in Suriname, I decided I'd like to see a sloth. You know, those animals known for hanging upside down in trees and moving very slowly. I had seen a wild one years ago in Costa Rica, and I'd seen some in zoos too (most notably in Santa Cruz, Bolivia), but I felt I'd like to see another. 

So, I googled: Suriname sloth. And I found lots of articles about a woman in Paramaribo who sheltered 200 sloths at one time. I clicked on the BBC article, and was instantly interested. 

I researched some more and also read about the plans she has to build a new centre for the sloths. H and I decided that we'd be as happy helping to build the facility as going to another nature reserve. So I got in touch. 

Unfortunately, they are still fundraising for the construction of the new facility but Monique wanted some assistance to put sand in the bottom of the Giant Anteater enclosure. 

If you've been following my blogs, you might know that I think Giant Anteaters are very spectacular animals. We were pleased to help. 

We shifted dirt and sand and it was a good day. We also got to touch some sloths (amazingly soft) and I was licked by the Lesser Anteater (it's long skinny tongue is sticky). 

Sloths have really endearing faces. They are beautiful. To see some pictures and to know just a bit more, follow this link:

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