Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Travelling from Jericoacoara to Lençois Maranhenses, day 4

From the gorgeous oasis to touring Parque Nacional Lençois Maranhenses. 

First, I want to say that Hendrik was doing all this driving just for me. After our failed dune crossing on day 3 of this adventure he didn't want to go to Barreirinhas: he felt the dunes in Lençois Maranhenses would be just the same as the ones where we couldn't pass so he didn't want to bother with them. 

I, on the other hand, felt that the Lençois Maranhenses must be spectacular and I wanted to go. We'd even discussed me catching the bus service (in the back of a Toyota ute) over the route we had failed on and doing the tour and coming back again in one day while H waited. But in the end it was H who found the alternative route and decided we'd do it. 

After our wonderful oasis stop the journey wasn't such hard work for Blac. The track was extremely rough and slow going, but much harder (as opposed to soft sand), and with travelling earlier the day was cooler too. It took us another 5 hours, but we got to Barreirinhas. 

I booked myself on the Lagoa Bonita tour, 2-7pm. H said he'd wait, and clean the car. 

Well, the Parque Nacional dos Lençois Maranhenses is spectacular! Nothing like the dunes we'd already seen: not those at Paulino Neves, Jericoacoara, or Mangue Seco. I swam in a lake in the dunes, the guide took me for a walk and explained lots to me, and I loved it!

I didn't take a lot of pictures (wind blowing sand into moving parts of cameras isn't good for them, I've learnt), but here's a couple. 

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