Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Price of fresh local fruit, roadside

We are enjoying a lot of fresh fruits as we drive through Northern Brazil. An added bonus is that not many foreign tourists would pass on these roads and even less would be stopping to buy fruits, so the stall holders haven't yet developed the common philosophy of 'charge 3 times the price to the overly white person who talks funny'. Or, if they are doing this, it's still cheap!

The fruit is wonderfully fresh. So what do we get? (Rs = Brazilian Reales, $ = USD)

5 Bananas + 1 Honeydew melon = Rs2 ($0.80)
3 Medium pineapples (H says they are large by European standards) = Rs5 ($2)
4 large Mangos = Rs2 ($0.80)
6 Mandarins = Rs2 ($0.80)
1 Jackfruit, ripe for eating, about 2kg = Rs5 ($2)
1 big Papaya (Pawpaw) = Rs2 ($0.80)
Fresh roasted Cashew nuts = Rs34/kg ($13.50/kg)

Not only are the prices wonderful, the fruit is so much nicer than what we get in the grocery shops in Europe and Australia. So, we are loving the fruits!

In the photo below, H is holding a Jackfruit that he picked himself, it's big! Alas, he picked it too green and it wouldn't ripen. (Apparently the leaf nearest the fruit should be turning yellow).

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