Thursday, 16 October 2014

Getting parts for Blac on the road

Whilst driving the Transpantanera in the Brazilian Pantanal we broke yet another car part. This time it was the pump that pumps the diesel from our spare tank to our regular tank.

It had a small blockage, but when H removed the pump, it broke. He tried to fix it about 3 times, but each time it broke again. Obviously it was time for a new pump. 

Getting spare parts can be difficult for us. Generally we stop at one parts shop and get given directions to another. We barely understand the directions, and finally we find the place, only to be given directions, again, to another place. Again, and again, this happens. 

When we came back from Australia we brought lots of parts with us. H had his brother to bring them from Belgium, as it was easier for us, and actually no more expensive. 

So we needed a fuel pump. This time we got lucky. The first shop we stopped at, on the way into the big city of Cuiaba, helped us. They didn't have the part, but instead a man jumped in his car and drove into town and found the parts for us. Reputedly he went to many places before he found the part and he was gone about 5 hours. Meanwhile we did the grocery shopping, had lunch, and found a new fan for the bed space. 

The part wasn't cheap, about $USD125, but we needed it and we really appreciated the service this shop gave us. 

(And, if anyone is looking for it... The Autoparts shop is just before the big round-about as you come from Pocone, on the left). 

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