Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Back in South America

We're back! If we add up all the flight times, airport time, buses, cars and taxis it took us about 45 hours to get here (between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janiero, Brazil); so we are exhausted! Plus, the time difference of 13 hours means our body clocks are feeling a bit upside down.

We picked up Blac (the motorhome) yesterday when we arrived. It looks good!  The batteries were fine (thanks to the solar panels), and the man who kept it for us opened it up on hot dry days so we don't have mould problems either. 

Now, we need to repack Blac, get over the jet lag, and start travelling again (!); but our super welcoming Brazilian hosts want us to hang about for a while longer, so we might do that. 

On my 'to do' list is some photos of the interior of Blac, since a few people wish to see that. But, I can't upload photo blog posts until I get a wifi connection, so please be patient and enjoy the text. 

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