Friday, 15 August 2014

How we live, on the road

As I have mentioned, H and I live in a small camper which is currently in South America. This doesn't mean we live in South America or Brazil or Argentina or any other place: we live wherever we are.

The camper is built, by H, onto a Mercedes G300 chassis. It's about 5 metres by 2 metres, and has a double bed, a dining area, a kitchen, cupboards, and a flushing toilet and a hot water shower. H built the sides of the camper by recycling old Belgian road signs. 

The camper left Belgium about 4 years ago, carrying H and his girlfriend (she travelled with him for 2 years before becoming the ex-girlfriend). They first left Europe with a ferry to Iceland, then shipped from Iceland to Newfoundland (Canada) and started driving from there. You have to ship again to get from North America to South America (there are no reliable roads through the Darien Gap). 

By the time I'd met Hendrik he'd been travelling 10 months on his own. I'll tell you how we met sometime soon.

Here's some on the road pictures, showing the vehicles front and back angles. I've started calling this camper Blac, because it's just black... inside and out!

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